Posted by: hopeofglorytv | July 17, 2012

July 7th, 2012 Mini-Retreat

On July 7th, 2012, I hosted my first mini-retreat in Newport, R.I. It was truly a wonderful success as God was honored and glorified in all aspects of the program. The theme for this event was “Celebrate God’s desire and provision to reside in us, His living temple”. We celebrated by way of Scripture, teaching, music, video excerpts and live worship dance. The atmosphere was joyous all the way through. We were eager to learn, to worship and to fellowship.

We started with prayer and a musical rendition of songs about The Lamb of God and Worship by guitarist and vocalist Bill Montoya. Then our main speakers presented God’s provision for Him to dwell in us, His living temple, comparing various aspects of the Old Testament temple to Christ Himself : the lamb, the priest, the fire, the water, the bread, the wine, the oil, the light, the prayer, the mercy seat, the commandments, the Holy of Holies, the glory of God.

We had several speakers : Rev.Laurel Coolbaugh, Pastor of Woodville Baptist Church, Hopkinton, Ma, lead us step by step to the Holy of Holies and showed us how to encounter an intimate relationship with the Father. John Rogers, from Brattleboro, Vt, brought an in depth insight into the sacrificial lamb and the office of the priest. This was followed by a tear wrenching dance solo by Valencia Friend, of the Community Baptist Church of Newport, RI. Her dance was an exquisite, anointed expression of Hillsong’s musical version of “Behold the Lamb”.

Sometime before my piano/lyrical solo of a new version of the Lord’s prayer the Lord had given me last summer, I briefly spoke about the reference to garments in the Scriptures [garments of praise, robes of righteousness, etc.]. Mary Rogers, spouse of John Rogers, gave a lively, inspiring exhortation on worship and praise, thoroughly preparing us for Valencia’s dance team, “Jewels of Judah”, whose heart of worship was totally inspiring. They proceeded to invite and ignite everyone to take a hold of a banner and join in God’s worship and praise. We praised God in Spirit and in truth. It was His gift to us and ours to Him. Praise His name.

by Edeltraud VonBruck